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A digital cloud platform that serves all of New Zealand’s attractions with immersive tourism functionality and utilities that contribute to the tourist experience.


A mobile application that tourists to New Zealand can use to discover places, plan trips, and access immersive experiences. It is linked to the NZ Tourism Platform.



The site of the touchstone immersive tourism experience. On-site VR experiences and other activities will be deployed here.


A mobile application specifically for The Hillocks, it provides immersive experiences to tourists who visit The Hillocks. It is linked to the NZ Tourism Platform for tourists to access other utilities, such as e-commerce and adopt-a-tree programs.



Tourists are people who visit New Zealand physically. They have access to The New Zealand Tourism AR app as their companion throughout their stay, as well as The Hillocks AR app for exclusive AR experiences available at the Hillocks attraction in Glenorchy.

Remote Tourists

Remote tourists are people who are not physically in New Zealand. They have access to virtual experiences and digital twins of the locations in New Zealand via the Tourist Portal.

Business owners / managers

Business owners or managers can register their location on the New Zealand Tourism platform so that people visiting their location can access convenient ticketing and reservations, receiving rewards for visiting and enjoying location-based AR experiences.

Tourism Microservices on the New Zealand Tourism Platform​

The tourism microservices offer a variety of features that enhance the tourism experience. These will be accessible via the AR apps as well as a web portal.

Tourist User Profile Account

Tourists register an account, create their user profile, and design an avatar that will represent their identity across the touchpoints of the system, including the AR apps and virtual metaverse tourism experiences.

Adopt-a-Tree Program

The plant-a-tree system allows tourists to make payment to adopt a tree, and subsequently follow the growth of the tree through 

visual updates.

Ticketing / Reservations/ Memberships

The platform will allow businesses to sell tickets, memberships, and accept reservations. These can be delivered digitally, or linked 

to the ticketing system of the business to be processed further.

Points and Rewards

Tourists earn points through their activities and participation on the AR and virtual touchpoints on the platform and will be able to redeem rewards.

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The Hillocks AR App accompanies the overall Hillocks experience. It gives visitors additional AR experiences and meaningful features enhancing their visit.


Interactive photo-taking with extinct species in AR

Our cinematic digital content of extinct species and natural events can be augmented with the real scenery and environment to move and interact with whoever is within the camera view. While walking through the Hillocks, AR photo opportunity locations will give visitors the opportunity to take pictures and videos with such augmented digital content to share instantly on their social media platforms.

Visitor Registration and Community Involvement

to register to become part of the Future is Wild community. This allows ongoing communication that can include updates, special event invitations, opportunities to participate in workshops with the FIW community and our partnering organisations and institutions.


Access to Tourism Microservices

The Hillocks AR app is part of the New Zealand Tourism Platform ecosystem. The system provides access for a seamless digitally-enhanced tourism experience all around New Zealand.



The New Zealand Tourism AR app transforms tourism with a host of exclusive AR experiences and other utilities and features that greatly enhances the tourist experience throughout New Zealand.

Every business, attraction, cultural heritage site, as well as natural and historical landmarks will be able to have a presence on the app. Its own unique AR content tells their story and value. 

Location Discovery and Trip Planning

AR technology for mobile devices is evolving continuously. Frequent app updates will ensure the best available experience for every device. GPS tracking will allow location discovery trips and the overall trip planning with customised recommendations, based on the users profile.


Location-based AR Experiences

Registering to the Future is Wild community, will qualify for unique AR experiences. It will offer rewards and membership points to be

invited to events, participating in conversations with a lively community of our evergrowing team of FIW and our partnering organisations and institutions.

Access to Tourism Microservices

The Hillocks AR app is part of the New Zealand Tourism Platform ecosystem. Access the system for a seamless digitally-enhanced tourism experience troughout your jouney in Aotearoa/New Zealand.



A user-friendly web portal for businesses to onboard and manage their locations on the tourism platform will be launched, enabling many locations to be onboarded and be added and made available on the platform at scale within a short period of time. This is also where businesses will be able to manage and update their location-based AR experiences.


Business Registration and Management 

Businesses will be able to register their location onto the tourism platform, enter key

information and branding visuals so that it can be represented the way they want it across all touchpoints of the system, such as the tourist portal and New Zealand Tourism AR app.

They will be able to access a dashboard with key analytics and insights about the engagement of tourists with their business presence on the platform, including via the New Zealand Tourism AR app and the virtual metaverse tourism experiences


AR Content Management

The business web portal also provides the tools for businesses to manage their AR content that is anchored to their location.

They will be able to import and anchor 3D models, animations, and other media to physical areas at their location.

The immersive content will be created by our content team, or legally purchased from secure and approved content providers.



The tourist portal provides web browser access to the tourism microservices for users to conveniently manage their profile, points and rewards, participate in programs, and purchase tickets and memberships.

The tourist portal also caters to remote tourists who are able to visit digital twins of New Zealand locations as metaverse experiences. These virtual metaverse locations can include exclusive content, so there’s always something new to learn even if the tourist has visited the location physically at an earlier stage.


Virtual Metaverse Tourism

The Hillocks Future is Wild metaverse experience will be developed as part of this project, and will be available upon the launch of the tourist portal with further Metaverse experiences for other locations added later.

Virtual metaverse tourism allows for remote users to visit New Zealand locations and learn about them being physically present. This gives access to New Zealand’s natural and cultural heritage to a much wider audience. This further helps promote environmentally responsible tourism experiences. Also with exclusive metaverse content, visitors following

their FIW experience can continue their exploration online.


Access to Tourism Microservices

Convenient web access to the tourism microservices provides an easy and comfortable way for remote tourists to plan their journey to New Zealand by enjoying their personal metaverse experience beforehand. Features like plant-a-tree, points and rewards from virtual tourism activities are relevant and encouraging to participate in the remote tourist experience via the FIW metaverse portal.

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