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The Future is Wild™ @ The Hillocks
opening Summer 2025
Glenorchy/New Zealand

In a rapidly evolving world, where education, entertainment, and environmental stewardship intersect, Hillocks Holdings Ltd embarks on a groundbreaking journey to reshape the future of tourism. Our visionary project, “The Future is Wild @ The Hillocks,” redefines the landscape of ‘Edu-Tourism’ by seamlessly blending science, imagination, user involvement, and immersive technology.

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Our vision and mission

At the heart of our endeavour lies a steadfast commitment to cultivating a generation of Eco Crusaders, equipped with a deep understanding of climate change, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Our mission is to inspire connection, promote understanding, and spark action for the betterment of our planet.

A Global phenomenon: The Future is Wild™

Driven by the principles of regenerative tourism, “The Future is Wild™” (FIW) stands as a worldwide phenomenon that transcends boundaries. With an original concept that fuses science, entertainment, and education, FIW continues to captivate audiences through television, literature, educa-tion, and technology. Its esteemed reputation is endorsed by its global presence and its translation into 30 languages, amassing a worldwide audience of over 1 billion viewers.


A Transformative experience:  The Hillocks

Central to our venture is The Hillocks, an idyllic landscape in Glenorchy, New Zealand, where nature’s beauty converges with cuttingedge AR and VR technology. By crafting an immersive journey through time, we bring evolution, adaptation, and climate change to life. Visitors traverse an elevated wooden trail, interacting with past and present fauna and flora through realistic AR and VR experiences.

Strategic partnerships and forward planning

Our path forward is paved by strategic partnerships and meticulous planning. We’ve secured exclusive rights to FIW’s intellectual property for New Zealand and Australia, while simultaneously establishing a global presence. Collaborations with visionary minds, including WildLab, BurningFish Productions and Ministry XR, solidify our commitment to innovation and immersive technology.

Cultural integration and sustainability

Our dedication to responsible development extends to cultural integration and environmental stewardship. With the expertise of Te Tapu O Tane, we’re forging a respectful partnership with Ngai Tahu, honouring Māori values in our journey. Additionally, environmental assessments and compliance with regulatory requirements ensure a harmonious blend of human interaction and natural preservation.

Future-proofing tourism

Through our innovative approach, “The Future is Wild @ The Hillocks” sets a new benchmark for sustainable tourism. By offering both virtual and physical exploration, we reduce our carbon footprint while broadening accessibility. Our vision aligns with government objectives and supports carbon neutrality.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we’ll inspire, educate, and ignite positive change. As we forge ahead, we’re eager to embark on a new era of sustainable tourism, where the future is not just envisioned, but is experienced.

Let the Founders take you on a tour through the Hillocks

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